Multilingual Captioning Solutions

Cost-effective global reach

WorldLingo is dedicated to helping you reach the largest possible audience with your audio and video programs, and open & closed captions are one of the most cost-effective. WorldLingo provides real-time & off-line captioning services for individuals needing one-time services to the world's largest companies -- if you can hear it, we can transcribe it. We transcribe and translate many audio and video tape formats in a wide variety of media:

  • film
  • video
  • DVD
  • television
  • commercials
  • corporate presentations
  • in-flight videos
  • CD-ROM

Quality captioning

WorldLingo's pool of real-time and off-line captioning personnel, foreign language translators and narrators, ensure your return of a quality product. Whether your captions are to be based on the North America Line 21 system or the Teletext system of Europe our caption translators are well versed in the standards and conventions used in captioning programs, and will take the extra time needed to maintain proper placement and timing.

We also have the hardware to maintain your original signal quality: serial digital encoders, decks, and digital audio workstations to give you the best possible quality to tape, DVD, CD, or online.

We can also place your captions to DVD, or caption your .wav, .avi, Windows Media or Real Player files for use online or on a CD project. With most of these formats, the end user can still choose to have the captions on or off, as with tape.

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