WorldLingo Translation API Development Tool

Communicate in 33 languages on any application or platform

Today's competitive and political global market has created an urgent need both within corporations and governments for inter-language communication and understanding of foreign content. By leveraging technology from WorldLingo and adding the power of advanced translation to your software, intranet, corporate information system or website you can enable communications between staff and customers, partners, and suppliers from around the globe.

SaaS solution for easy integration

Calling party sends HTTP/HTTPS request and server sends back response

Calling party sends HTTP request and server sends back response

WorldLingo's fully documented Translation API solution is delivered via our hosted API model which means you have direct access to the industry's most sophisticated translation technology capable of translating complex sentences. WorldLingo uses only proven, open Internet protocols and standards (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, XML), allowing easy integration of the service into software systems on any platform supporting Internet technologies. The API requires no additional resources to deploy, no user training, and can be up and translating in just a few hours.

Customized solutions for your needs

WorldLingo's Translation API seamlessly integrates with your website or corporate information system. It facilitates the complete integration of custom interfaces, allowing you to add functionality to your web application without diluting your brand. Through the WorldLingo Translation API, you can deliver highly customized translation solutions and applications to your clients.

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